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If you are a high-net worth investor or VC fund manager who wants to ride on our coat-tails, register today!

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Good Angels coinvest

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Startup Dealflow

Angel Coinvest will source dealflow from Zero Start Ventures.  All opportunities will be exciting early stage, pre-revenue tech startups. Based on your chosen interest, an investment memorandum will be shared for your perusal.  All documents will be shared securely via virtual dataroom.

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Vetted Deals

Angel Coinvest will present to you a selection of new tech opportunities that have been thorough due diligence by Zero Start Ventures.  All opportunities will have documents for your perusal. The idea is that Zero Start will pledge and we ask for angels to top up the round.

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Coinvestment Funding

All opportunities presented via Angel Coinvest will require coinvestment. For instance, if the opportunity requires £80k, Zero Start Ventures will pledge, i.e. £30k investment with a £50k coinvestment gap. This will be your chance to join the round and make up the difference. 

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Selection Assured

Angel Coinvest only serve opportunities that fit your ticket size and interest. It may be the case we offer you a selection of opportunities that require investment, however it's up to you to fund all or only some. We often see investors reaching out to other sectors.

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Documented Due Diligence

Documents will be made available via an invite only virtual data room. If you read the information and are interested in investing, we will help you.  This will be either through conference call with the entrepreneur, face-to-face meet or other.

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Professional Support

We love tech startups and we will try our level best to push opportunities through to get the funding they need. All opportunities Angel Coinvest come across will be of high quality and most of all a proven market, good product and a marketing strategy.

why get involved with angel coinvest?

Why do we need your help?

some reasons why we are reaching out to high net worth people to co-invest alongside us.
Early stage tech companies can be a "punt" for one of the better words.  Let us explain...
  • Entrepreneurs have little idea of their technical roadmap.  They won't have though about scaling their business from an IT perspective.
  • They won't have a clue about how to build their "team". They need good people around them to make them shine bright.
  • Their marketing strategy will be a complete shambles. Their idea of testing various channels for a route to market will be next to zero.
  • They will have not thought about risk.  This is important to assess whether there is a risk mitigation strategy.
  • Their perception on spending money wisely will be out of scope. Without hands-on involvement, they will burn through cash and pose a risk to an investor.
  • They have done little or next to nothing on assessing whether there is actually "a need" out there.  All too often, techies build the 'tech' but realise there isn't a market for their wonderful product.


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Certified high-net worth individuals, VC fund managers with funds under management or £100k+ earners.

Zero Start Ventures continually come across early-stage technology startups via their marketing channels. The startups are fresh, no company incorporated/bank account or desk space. At the end of the day startups are a punt.

Early stage companies need help. That's a given. Entrepreneurs may be the smartest of website designers, programmers or front-end designers, but they lack business accumen and consumer thinking. More brains around a table is better than just one. If you want to be involved and you have a specific expertise, we welcome you on the Board.

Simple answer: Huge! You need to be prepared for failures.

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